3rd European Seminar Atelier3

May 10/13, 2006

In a cosy atmosphere of meeting again, the first day passed according to the programme: Meeting in the hospital, guided tour on the paediatric wards, warm welcome in the town hall then buffet in the “Cèdres”.
Among the 15 participants there were three new ones; we felt sad about the absence of five members (already known for a long time); for various reasons they couldn’t join.

To continue our the work on digital images we went on with animated images/ slides with sound.
This time we could make use of programmes free of and rights, downloadable from internet and available in several languages.
After an introduction how to connect and install a microphone in a rather user-friendly way, the handling of files with sound, music sound effects with the programme AUDACITY has no secrets anymore for anyone.

Working on animated images has been treated in three small groups in order to work on programmes like POWERPOINT, PIXIA and GIMP step by step.
The results of these mini- workshops are presented on “.net” and they will be the subject of the follow-up of activities on the forum.
We have been working in excellent conditions, due to well prepared/ installed computers put at our disposal by l’IUT of Lisieux.

Our two English friends presented to us the program of the Congress of London envisaged in November 2006, and each one could note l_enormity of the only amount of l’inscription to this Congress!

1. The site “connect-to-hope.net” shows a more elaborate presentation: Opening page in English, in accordance with the directives of the office (the logo has to be renewed)
2. Translations in five languages, the web pages are accessible through tabs linking to different HOPE themes; a new theme on a Comenius Project will be added!
3. Special information/ news will appear through pop-up windows!
4. There will be a possibility to register for the seminar by a form.
5. We already tested the chat facility: next time we hope to meet a lot of people!
6. The forum will be used as a mean for maintenance and follow up for our Atelier 3 works; some questions and questionnaires will be there soon!
7. The tab AUDIO, inactive until now, will be used for the programme SKYPE for certain Atelier 3 members, required for the telephone conference through Internet; can we increase the number of participants?
8. The same goes for VIDEO, but that’s for later.

Cultural outings:
After these intense moments, the visit of “pays d’Auge” was very relaxing: The Breuil castle, Deauville, Trouville, Honfleur.

Collection of photos has already started. We will put then on the site.
The last part of the conference was held on Saturday morning. It happened in a very pleasant place: the "salle de l’Espace Victor”. The mayor and local personalities were present.
Meanwhile, an exhibition of photos of Atelier « Si on rêvait » and the presentation/ sale of a recently published book was illustrated by a video: a remarkable extract of a broadcast « Vol de nuit » where Eric Orsena promoted excellently the book.

On the traditional question about where and when will be the next seminar two answers are given:

While waiting for the next seminar, we meet each other on our site to do some homework during summer holidays.