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The Rights and Educational Needs of Sick Children and Adolescents

  1. Every sick child and adolescent has the right to tuition within hospital or at home.
  2. The aim of tuition for sick children and adolescents is the continuation of education, enabling them to maintain their pupil-role.
  3. The hospital school creates a community of children and adolescents, and normalizes everyday life. Hospital education shall be organized as class, group or individual teaching and at the bedside.
  4. Hospital and home tuition must be adapted to the needs and abilities of the child or adolescent in co-operation with the home school.
  5. The learning environment and facilities must be adapted to the needs of sick children and adolescents, and communication technologies shall also be used to prevent isolation.
  6. A variety of teaching methods and resources shall be used. The content encompasses more than formal curriculum learning. It includes subjects related to special needs arising from illness and hospitalization.
  7. The hospital and home tuition teachers must be fully qualified and receive further training.
  8. The teachers of sick children and adolescents are full members of the multi-disciplinary caring team and are the link between the hospitalized child or adolescent and the home school.
  9. Parents must be informed about the right to schooling and the educational program of their sick child or adolescent. They shall be recognized as active and responsible partners.
  10. The integrity of the child or adolescent shall be respected including medical confidentiality and private convictions.

Adopted by the General Assembly of HOPE in Barcelona – 20th May 2000

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