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NomeProgramma/ Workshop
Sherlock Marie
(London / GB)
05.11.2010 16:00 - 16:45 - Klinikum Schwabing

Presenta- zione di un caso complesso con coinvolgi- mento del pubblico alla ricerca di nuove idee

A proposito di relatore

Marie Sherlock has been a teacher at the Chelsea Community Hospital Schhol for 15 years working primarily with children and young people with respiratory and cardiac health conditions. A lot of her work focuses on supporting children, young people and their families in gaining access to education when attending school in their local area as well as during hospital admissions.


Maria Marinho has also been at teacher at the Chelsea Community Hospital Scchool for many years. Maria is based in a hospital that as well as having general paediatric wards also specialises in the treatment of sickle cell anemia and in carrying out bone marrow transplants. Maria also coordinates the provision of home tuition for children and young people in her local authority who are unable to access education due to a medical or mental health need.


Frederic Irigary is the ICT projects coordinator at the Chelsea Community Hospital School. His role is to work across all five sites that comprise the hospital school to develop educational projects involving ICT. Fred has worked with some of the most complex educational and medical cases that the hospital school encounters.

A proposito del workshop o conferenza

Our workshop seeks to have a discussion with colleagues based on our presentations of three different complex educational and medical cases. We know that we have legislation to support the access of all children with a medical or a mental health need to education but the reality is often different. We want to explore using these cases why some experienced success while others didn\'t. We wish to hear from others with similar experiences of children complex educational needs and hear about how they have dealt with the issues and ensured the best possible outcome for the child or young person.

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