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Falk-Schalk Gerd
04.11.2010 14:00 - 15:30 - Heckscher-Klinikum

Rights and educational needs of sick children

About Speaker

Mrs. Gerd Falk-Schalk


  • M.A. Lund University, 1970
  • Teachers training college 1971, Malmö
  • Hospital teacher, 1987. Uppsala University hospital.
  • HOPE envolvement after Ljubljana, 1987.
  • Committee member 1992
  • Envolved in the network of workshops of HOPE from start in Uppsala 1996.
  • Workshop 14, The Role of the Hospital Teacher
  • Workshop 15, The Right to Education for children with medical needs.
  • Member of the Bureau, Barcelona 2000
  • President, Brussels 2004, London 2006, Tampere 2008
  • Leader of workshop 15, The right to education for children with medical needs, 2006 -
  • During her presidency HOPE has been granted status as an INGO with the Council of Europe (CoE), 2007 and given the entitlement to lodge complaints against  violations of the CoE Social Charter, 2010 - 2014

About lecture / workshop

HOPE workshop 15.

The right to education for children with medical needs.


Introductory speech on the HOPE Charter by Alexander Wertgen, Düsseldorf


The workshop functions as an extension to the Board to give room for a permanent reflection on  the first aim of HOPE: To establish the right to education for hospitalised children according to their individual needs in a suitable environment - To ensure this education for the sick child at home. ( statutes, article 3 a).


  • A European Charter for the Educational Care of Sick Children and Adolescents in Hospital and Home Tuition. Adopted by the General Assembly of HOPE during the Congress in Barcelona, May 2000.
  • A draft Standard for the Educational Care of Sick Children in Hospital or Home Tuition.
  • A Survey among the member states of the Council of Europe regarding legislation of the education of pupils with medical needs, implementation of this legislation and also special training for  teachers for children with medical needs.

Draft plans for the workshop:

  • Time to update Hope's  Charter?
  • How can we make best use the Standard?
  • How can we use our position as an INGO (International Non Governmental Organisation ) with the Council of Europe to promote our Charter and the results of the Survey?
  • What does it mean to be an INGO entitled to lodge complaints against the Council of Europe Social Charter ?
  • Election of workshop leader.




 Participants of the workshop are most welcome to comment already now or register as member of workshop 15. E-mail me on

Mrs, Frau, Madame, Signora, Gerd Falk-Schalk , workshop leader.


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