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NameProgramme/ Workshop
Cauchon Elisabeth
04.11.2010 14:45 - 15:30 - Klinikum Schwabing

Multidisci- plinary ap- proaches during therapeutic education: 2 multidisc. examples

About Speaker

Teacher in hospital during more than 20 years in four different hospitals and eight different wards in Paris hospitals

Envolvement in Hope since the begining in 1988 in Lujbljana as a translater from french to english and english to french

Envolvement in Hope board as representant of France

Coordinator for Hope Network

Coodinator for workshop 2

President of Hope France

About lecture / workshop

Presentation of two different schools in hospital: Ecole du souffle and Food allergy school

The participation and the role of a teacher in multidisciplinary team for therapeutic education

Draft plans for the workshop:

What is:

the identity of a teacher in such a teaching role?

where are the limits of our role?

pedagogy and therapeutic education?

nurses and teacher role and place in the project?

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