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Grunditz Agneta
05.11.2010 14:00 - 14:45 - Heckscher-Klinikum

Children document their hospital stays with a digital camera

About Speaker

Agneta Grunditz

Hospital teacher/ Master of pedagogical leadership and teaching

President of the Swedish Hospital Teachers´ Association since 2007

I  work as hospital teacher at the hospital school at the Department of Paediatric, Skane University Hospital in Malmo, Sweden since 1988.

About lecture / workshop

I teach pupils with internal medicine diseases at the age of eight to eighteen in Swedish, English and mathematics. The digital camera is used as a pedagogical tool and I let the pupils describe, document and report their hospital stays in photos and films. When the pupils edit their producations I have also the possibility to teach them in the Swedish and English languages and include other subjects as art and mathematics. 

At the workshop I am going to inform how the pupils with my and my colleagues help edit their photos and films in Adobe Photoshop, document and publish their works in website

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