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Aulin Grete
05.11.2010 16:00 - 17:30 - Klinikum Schwabing

Cooperation Marte Meo Technique

About Speaker

I am working as a special teacher for children age 7 to 18 years who suffers from different mental difficulties. This has been my job since 1996 and I am the only teacher in BUP Nyköping where I work.

I come from Norway, but I have lived in Sweden since 1973. Before I started this job, I worked in primary school for about 25 years.

Now I teach children with mental difficulties such as Depression, Anxiety, Phobias and Anorexia. These students are around 14 to 19 years and they have in common that they can’t manage to participate in their home school education.

When I help the younger children in school, I use the Marte Meo techniques so that the teacher can help the child in its development.

About lecture / workshop

I will start my work-shop with a PowerPoint where I give a background for the importance of school readiness skills for children.

  • All teachers know that problems occur when they have students with dysfunctional interactions. These children often disturb the central situation in the classroom and they have problem in the play-ground with the interaction with other children.
  • I will talk about how parents train their children to be a part of social life using developmental support. If this support fails, the child might have problem later on in school.

Then I will show recordings from two of my works in school.

  • In the first film-clips, I show how I use the Marte Meo programme. We can follow the development of the teachers when they learn how to support the child and as a result of that how the child improves its social skills.
  • In the second film-clips we can see how a teacher helps a boy in the playground at school. This teacher has good supportive communication skills and works at a school for children with special needs. The boy in the film has not yet developed enough skills in social interactions.

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