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Kreft Ivana
05.11.2010 14:45 - 15:30 - Klinikum Schwabing

Empowering children with chronic kidney disease

About Speaker

Ivana Kreft is a health psychologist working at the Nephrology department at the University Children\'s Hospital in Ljubljana, Slovenia. She is part of a multidisciplinary team, where she works closely with health professionals and hospital teachers.


Besides her clinical work she is also finishing her phD in clinical psychology and a longitudinal study on how families of children diagnosed with chronic kidney disease cope with chronic illness. She is also a student of family therapy at Kempler Institute, Nederlands.

About lecture / workshop

In presentation we are going to present case reports of children on dialysis where a longterm partnership of medical staff, hospital teachers, parents, child and their teachers at home school was successfully established.


Presentation would be presented together with hospital teachers Mojca Topic and Branka Žnidaršic.

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