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Serenelli Dr. Marneo
04.11.2010 16:00 - 16:45 - Klinikum Schwabing

Teleteaching Project - A School as a Friend

About Speaker

I am a psychologist/psychotherapist, a teacher and a researcher/trainer in education.

I started working as a counsellor psychologist for schools, health and social services mainly for the inclusion of the disabled children just when in Italy the first law for inclusion in education was to be enforced.

Later on I worked as a teacher for 22 years: 10 in primary schools (6 of which abroad) and 12 in secondary schools. 

Since 2005 I stopped teaching and have been working in Agenzia Nazionale per lo Sviluppo dell’Autonomia Scolastica (ex IRRE Marche). It is an Agency run by the Italian Ministry of Education that implements and monitors projects, carries out researches and provides counselling to educational institutions; my main areas of activity are intercultural education, special needs, disadvantage.

ANSAS (ex IRRE) Marche is a partner of the school Istituto Comprensivo Natalucci and the children hospital Salesi, Ancona for the project "Una scuola per amico"; Istituto Natalucci is a HOPE member.

In Italian I have published a number of essays related to my professional work.

About lecture / workshop

I shall provide information about the project "Una scuola per amico" (A School as a Friend), that is about utilizing videoconferences (tele-teaching) for hospitalized children in Ancona, Italy.

First of all I shall introduce the facts that have been already presented in the abstract that was sent to the Congress organizers.

Recent data collected from the project beneficiaries - through questionnaires -  will be presented as indicators of the results obtained through the learning sessions.

Participants will be welcomed to ask  questions and discuss the issues that will be highlighted.

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