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Lindström Hospitalteacher Anders
04.11.2010 14:00 - 15:30 - Heckscher-Klinikum

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About Speaker

 Curruculum Vitae

1971              University degree - Intermediate level teacher ( Linne University, Växjö )

1971-1980    Teacher in diffrent comprehensive-/elementary schools

                        junior-, middle- and senior stages

1981               Master degree - Special educated teacher  ( Malmö University )

1982-1991    Teacher, senior stage in different schools.

1991-2009    Hospital teacher, at the psychiatric hospital for children and adolescents, Växjö

2010-             Hospital teacher, Central hospital Växjö

About lecture / workshop

The Hospital School in Växjö / Sweden

  • History and development
  • Laws and and regulations
  • Hospital school pupils
  • Teaching at the hospital school
  • Teachers at Växjö hospital
  • Hospital school´s goals
  • Pedagogy in hospital school
  • The hospital school´s premises and equipment
  • Cooperation between home school, parents and health care
  • Information and contacts

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