ICT / New Technologies

A permanent reflection upon the use of ICT with sick children in hospital or at home.

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Gilles Ceintrey
Centre Hospitalier 88200 REMIREMONT – France.
Tel :
And Fernand Grimal (F)




• To promote and encourage the use of NT in hospital teaching and to publish good practices.

• To use the NT to reduce isolation amongst sick pupils,

• To build a website in which hospital teachers can communicate


History and Status

The workshop New Technologies was coordinated by Martine Cogels (Belgium) until 2002. The concerned HOPE members met in Paris 1998, in Barcelona in 2000 and in Rome in 2002. In Rome the decision was taken to regularly organize (every year if possible) a seminar on the topic of new technologies.

Workshop 3 is currently directed by Fernand Grimal and Gilles Ceintrey, technically helped by Robert Dormal et Nadia Meftah.

Now, this team is working on realizing a website: www.connect-to-hope.net where the members of the workshop can communicate.

We are looking for different ways of exchanging information : forum, chat, skype, videoconference.


Seminar in Manresa (Espagne) October 2003.
Organization : Imma Estela and Antònia M. Gorgas

Seminar in Remiremont (France) May 2005.
Organization : Gilles Ceintrey

Seminar in Lisieux (France) May 2006.
Organization : Annie Gadrat


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• ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTS related to the “ICT/New Technologies” Workshopbrowse directly from the FILES section of the HOPE website
browse directly from the FILES section of the HOPE website