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Newsletter March 2020

Newsletter edited by Marit Helmholt
Articles index
Good Practice Poznan
New Journal: Continuity in Education
Invitation: International Days Belgium
Art of Sick Children
New Board Members and new Ambassador
Invitation to the General Assembly
Proxy Voting Form
Workshop Bookbinding
“HOPE” seen around the World

Newsletter December 2019

Newsletter edited by Anja de Jong and Jan Haverkate
Articles index
Contribution of the President
New Year wishes 2020
Ambassador of HOPE
News from Slovenia
HOPE and GDPR the next step
Japan and HOPE
How to apply for Board Member or Ambassador of HOPE
Creative Artwork in Europe
“HOPE” seen around the World

Newsletter September – October 2019

Newsletter edited by Anja de Jong and Jan Haverkate
Articles index
Letter from President
A new book
Welcome to Estonia
East meets West
An International project
The British Hospital School Teachers come to Armenia
Invitation to the 3rd all Russian Conference in Moscow
How to apply for Board Member or Ambassador
Creative Artwork in Europe
In Memoriam Hans Courlander
“HOPE” seen around the World

Newsletter March – April 2019

Newsletter edited by Liana Sanamyan
Articles index
Message of the Board of HOPE
From Carta Magna to Barcelona and Beyond
Because All Kids Deserve…
Creative Art Work
HOPE Congress 2020
Introduction of CMs
Art Competition
“HOPE” seen around the World

Newsletter December 2018 – February 2019

Newsletter edited by Liana Sanamyan
Articles index
President’s letter
New Year’s Wish
CiE: a new, academic journal for hospital teachers
Conference: “Uchim Znayem” – Caring School 2018
DAA’s 30 anniversary: hospital school born in 1988
A Great Initiative
Introduction of CM
• HEAL Conference
• HELP Conference
“HOPE” seen around the World

Newsletter September – October 2018

Newsletter edited by Monika Almássy
Articles index
Post-Congress summary:

• Opening speech of the President
• HOPE Conference Poznan
• Brief report about the CM Meeting
• Brief report about the General Assembly
• Honorary members of HOPE
• The invisible man in the spotlight
• Invitation to the 12th HOPE Congress – Estonia
• Poem written at the HOPE Congress 2018 in Poznan
• Picture section

Yonsei Cancer Center Hospital School – South-Korea
Erasmus+ project ”MagneMathICTs. Pills to cure math colds” – Lithuania
Invitation to the 2nd all Russian Conference in Moscow

Newsletter March – April 2018

Newsletter edited by Monika Almássy
Articles index
Welcome to Poznan
Invitation to the Congress
Invitation to GA
The proposed agenda of the General Assembly
The draft minutes of the GA in Wien
Activities of the Board
Financial reports
Proxy voting form

Newsletter December 2017 – January 2018

Newsletter edited by Monika Almássy
Articles index
President’s Letter
Down Under – HELP Conference – Vice President
The use of EU programs in schools – Poland
Greetings from Finland
XMas drops:
• Switzerland
• Austria
• Slovenia
• Hungary
• Introduction of the new secretary of HOPE
• Invitation – International Art Contest

Newsletter September – October 2017

Newsletter edited by Monika Almássy
Articles index
President’s Letter
Competency in Teaching Young People with Medical Conditions – Germany
ICF in Special Education – Switzerland
The Special Needs School no.2 in Krakow – Poland
Education, tenacity and trust – Romania
HospiEdu Program – Hungary
• Branka Žnidaršič – Slovenia
• 11th HOPE Congress – Poznan
• HOPE sightings around the world!

Newsletter April – May 2017

Newsletter edited by Monika Almássy
Articles index
Letter from the President
BedNet – Belgium
Our Lady’s Hospital School – Ireland
Conference on the Education of Young People with Mental Difficulties – Ireland
LeHo – Blackboard pictures and podcast
• Jolanda Trumza – Albania
• Theodora Armenkova – Bulgaria
• Riitta Launis – Finland
• 11th HOPE Congress – Poznan
• 12th HOPE Congress in 2020
• HOPE sightings around the world!
• 2017 H.E.L.P. Conference

Newsletter December 2016 – January 2017

Newsletter edited by Monika Almássy
Articles index
Letter from the President
Letter from the Ambassador
Clinical Hospital of Poznan – Poland
Study tour to Hungary
The LeHo Project
• Jane Oxalaryd – Sweden
• Anthony Burke – Ireland
• Emese Borbás – Hungary
• registration on website
• new Board Members
• report about Board meeting
• Facebook

Newsletter September – October 2016

Newsletter edited by Monika Almássy
Articles index
Opening speech of the President
HOPE Conference Vienna
Brief report about the Committee meeting
Brief report about the General Assembly
Pictures section

Newsletter March – April 2016

Newsletter edited by HOPE Board
Articles index
Welcome in Vienna
Invitation to the Congress
Invitation to GA
The proposed agenda of the General Assembly
Draft proposals of the Board of HOPE to change the Statutes of HOPE
Draft proposals of the Board of HOPE to change the Internal Regulations of HOPE
The draft minutes of the GA in Bucharest
Activities of the Board
Financial reports
Proxy voting form

Newsletter December 2015 – January 2016

Newsletter edited by Monika Almássy
Articles index
Letter from President
Letter from Ambassador
Retrospective of Hospital School in 2015 – Romania
St. Olavs Hospital – Norway
The 2015 HELP Conference – Australia
Send kids the world – Hungary

Newsletter September-October 2015

Newsletter edited by Monika Almassy
Articles index
Letter from President
A History of HOPE
• Utrinki
• Escritos con pijama
• Hirvelő
Recognising my progress
eTwinning Conference in Rome
• The Big Green Footsteps
• The Light Project
• Invitation to Vienna
• LEHO Project

Newsletter March-April 2015

Newsletter edited by Monika Almassy
Articles index
Letter from President
Erasmus+ project
Present and future in Estonia
Hospital school in Vicenza
Fairy tale project in Slupsk
Everyday activities in Bucharest

Newsletter December 2014

Newsletter edited by Monika Almassy
Articles index
Letter from President
HOPE Conference Bucharest
Opening speech of the President
Summary of the Committee Meeting
Summary of the General Assembly
Michael Klemm Obituary

Newsletter 03/2014

Newsletter edited by Agneta Grunditz
Articles index
Preface from the editor
Share and care
Welcome in Bucharest
Invitation to General Assembly
Agenda GA Bucharest
Draft minutes GA Amsterdam
Financial report
Proxy voting form

Newsletter 01/2014

Newsletter edited by Agneta Grunditz
Articles index
Preface from the editor
Information from the president
Hospital School routine in Armenia
Teaching and improving reading
HOPE Congress 2014 in Bucharest, Romania
eTwinning all over Europe
New members
An invitation

Newsletter 03/2013

Newsletter edited by Agneta Grunditz
Articles index
Preface from the editor.
Information from the president
Gelukkig Nieuw Jaar from Nederlands Gebarencentrum
Council of Europe TV Journal
The Unit of Schools nr 108, Poznan, Poland
A postcard from hospital
The Golden Mother Award
eTwinning all over Europe

Newsletter 02/2013

Newsletter edited by Agneta Grunditz
Articles index
Preface from the editor. Rapport from the Board Meeting in Slupsk, Poland
Information from the president
Ballons in the pediatrics wards, teaching for developing tuition in hospitals
The Possibilities of Grief Counselling in Hungarian Pediatrics Cancer Care
Kamishibai in the pediatrics hospitals
Wonder Lamp Foundation for severely ill children
The Hungarian hospital pedagogy
Helping booklets for the families and the aminstram schools
eTwinning is a community for schools in Europe


Newsletter 01/2013

Newsletter edited by HOPE Board – Agneta Grunditz
Articles index
Preface from the editor. Rapport from the Board Meeting
A greeting from the president of HOPE, Jan Haverkate
Nursery School nr 107 (in Special School Complex nr 110) for small patient in Clinical Hospital in Poznań, Poland Playful Learning with Domino
Extraordinary Holidays The1st Conference an Pupil with chronic disease in Slupsk.
Knight of Organge-Nassau, Michel Kleuters

Newsletter 03/2012

Newsletter edited by HOPE Board – Anja de Jong – Agneta Grunditz
Articles index
Report on CM Meeting
General Assembly
Presentation of the new president
Letter from T. Webster

Newsletter 02/2012

Newsletter edited by the Board
Articles index
Invitation  Congress
News from Organising Committee Amsterdam
Letter from President
Invitation & Agenda for General Assembly 2012
The updates statutes
Minutes GA 2010
Activities of the Board
Financial report
Proxy voting form

Newsletter 01/2012

Newsletter edited by the Board
Articles index
Camp For Children with Renal Failure
Grieving process training
A Competence Centre for Rare Diseases
Visiting Grand Ducal Palace
Sailing with Nave Italia
Next Hope Conference: CALL FOR PAPERS

Newsletter 02/2011

Newsletter edited by HOPE
Articles index
Maths at the hospital school
Teaching And Learning May Be Interesting
Mental Number Line
Working with a diversity of children
Brain Training for Dyscalculic Children
Commettee members questionnaire
Let’s get together: 2012 Hope conference

Newsletter 01/2011

Newsletter edited by HOPE – Agneta Grundiz & Michele Capurso

Articles index
My work as a sibling supporter
Pupils with and without medical needs
Siblings in Lithuania
Being brothers and sisters of…
Let’s get together: Comenius and Australia

Newsletter 02/2010

Newsletter edited by HOPE – Section Germany Maria Schmidt
Articles index
Committee Mtg
General Assembly
Social Programme
Next Congress

Newsletter 01/2010

Newsletter edited by HOPE Board
Articles index
Invitation Congress
Invitation GA
Agenda General Assembly
Minutes GA 2008
Activities of the Board
Financial Report
Proxy voting form

Newsletter 03/2009

Newsletter edited by Schneider Children’s Medical Center – Maskit Shochat – HOPE – Mojca Topic – Michele Capurso
Articles index
Galit Vahav–Aryel Pre-op program for heart surgerya multicultural perspective in the Schneider Children Medical Center in Israel
Edna Pinchover Multiculturalism in the Hadassah Hospital SchoolHadassah Medical Center, Jerusalem
Dr. Arik Steinberger Humor and Multiculturalism
Gabi Frank – Maskit Shochat Music: An Island of Hope in a Sea of Conflict

Newsletter 02/2009

Newsletter edited by Christian Lieutenant
Articles index
Maria Schmidt European Congress
Gerd Falk-Schalk Words from President
Vanja Kiswarday – Mojca Kralj Fostering Resilience
Irene Fontanilles Swiss Case Study
Consuelo Alcantara Bumbiedro School Phobias
Christian Lieutenant Examples at L’Ecole Escale

Newsletter 01/2009

Newsletter edited by HOPE Europe
Articles index
Special issue about HOPE workshops
Elisabeth Cauchon A network of workshops
Elisabeth Cauchon Workshop 2 – Teaching and learning through projects
Gilles Ceintrey & Fernand Grimal Workshop 3 – New technologies – TICE
Michel Kleuters Workshop 14 -The changing role and functions of the Hospital Teacher
Gerd Falk-Schalk Workshop 15 -The right to education for children with medical needs
Mojca Topic Workshop 17 – Integration or reintegration of the sick child into mainstream
Christine Walser Workshop 19 – TIMSIS
Threads Across the World – Update

Newsletter 03/2008

Newsletter edited by Australia
Articles index
Meredith O’Connor Introduction Australia
Kev Rodgers and Deb Rankin 6th HOPE Congress Australia
Claudia Wischke WA Research Germany
Meredith Bubb Monty – a CF story Australia
Michelle Bond Teachers’ Gathering Australia
Vicki Sykes Blackboards & Bandaids Australia
Michelle Bond Students’ swing Australia
Jenny Brooke Gold Coast Class Australia
Mater Hospital Special School Australia

Newsletter 02/2008

Newsletter edited by Finland
Articles index
Riitta Launis Introduction Finland
Gerd Falk-Schalk Letter from President Sweden
Tanja Becan After the congress in Tampere Slovenia
Lia Van Vliet Making Art – Learning by doing Netherlands
Johannes Persie and Uwe Linneweber Impressions Germany
The colleague from The Netherlands Outdoor adventure to Tuutiman korsu andBirgitta’s path at Lempäälä Netherlands
Marie Sherlock Tampere here we come UK
Eneida Simões da Fonseca A Brazilian hospital teacher in the congress Brazil

Newsletter 01/2008

Newsletter edited by Slovenija
Articles index
Tanja Becan Education of ill children and adolescents in Slovenia
Aleksandra Firs Celebrating the 50th anniversary of Maribor Hospital School
Announcement of 16th Hospital Olympic Games in Ljubljana
Vanja Kiswarday European Quality Charter for Comenius project “Adapted Sports in hospital”
Ana Dobovicnik Camps for children with cancer
Sinja Jancar Camps for children and adolescents with renal failure and after kidney transplantation
Minca Gale Pupils with diabetes
Simona Mlinsek Sports at hospital
Tone Leskovec Relaxing with music at Celje hospital school
Tanja Becan Robinson’s Reading Badge
Irena Zadnikar “School of excreting”
Alenka Prevec Natural Science
Alenka Prah Classes at the child and adolescent psychiatry ward
Dealing with challenging behaviour
Vanja Kiswarday Lessons as part of therapeutic process
Marta Marence Children’s body language
Miroslava Nedeljkovic Report from Belgrade-Serbia
Riita LaunisTaula Hannula Facing Reality and DreamsTampere, Finland, June 4-7, 2008


Newsletter 03/2007

Newsletter edited by The Netherlands and Belgium
Articles index
Editorial statement
Haske Willemars Law education for sick children
Leo Vleeshouwers The hospital school atUMC Utrecht
Working as a hospitalteacher at Erasmus MC
Claudia Molier A day at the life of aDutch hospital teacher
What are thearrangements for sick students in Amsterdam?
Ludo Govaerts Equal educational chancesin Flanders – Belgium
The professional profile forHospital teachers / consultants
Imke van de Venne Volhouders: a Dutchregistration and administration system
Guidance of pupils: ourjoint goal

Newsletter 02/2007

Newsletter edited by Spain
Articles index
Belén Ochoa Linacero Editorial Spain
Elisabeth Cauchon Paris Conference
Childhood asthma? … Learn and play!
The hospital: a new worldto discover
Begoña, Lurdes and Pedro, hospital teachers Virgen del Camino,Pamplona
The rights of children inhospital
Maria Urmeneta Motivating the pupils
Something to say
Olga Lizasoáin Back to school
Practical science classes
From Latin America
Other events

Newsletter 01/2007

Editor: The Board of HOPE
Articles index
After the General Assembly in London in November 2006 and the Board Meeting that took place in February this year in Terni in Italy we feel it would be in place to edit an extra issue of our Newsletter and announce the most important changes that occurred during the GA and also about the aims we have set for the year to come and about future events. The Board of HOPE
Changesin the Board
Council of Europe
Transfer of responsibilities
New fee structure
New bank account

Newsletter 03/2006

Editors: Elisabeth Cauchon Liliane Boyer
Articles index
Elisabeth CauchonAnnie Gadrat Editorial France
Elisabeth Cauchon Conference in Paris France
Maria Schmidt Conference in London Germany
Elisabeth Cauchon Links with the World France
Hope – France We miss a friend France
Isabelle Hoedts Interactive white board France
Elvire Grimal A book France
Elisabeth Cauchon A website – Integrascol France
Liliane Boyer History France
Bénédicte Sylvestre Bestiary France
Elisabeth Cauchon A link through generations France
A link hospital – district France
Hélène Gravier A different school France
Gilles Ceintrey Elvireet Fernand Grimal European seminarWorkshop 3 – Lisieux France

Newsletter 02/2006

Editor: Gerd Falk-Schalk
Articles index
Elisabeth Cauchon A new network for HOPE France
Jonas Linge The 5th Conference of the “Nordic Sound” Sweden
Palle Yndal-Olsen European Workshop in Donaueschingen, Germany Denmark
Barnaspitali Hringsins The hospital school in Iceland Iceland
Ragnhild Hypher News from Norway Norway
Gerd Falk-Schalk News from Sweden Children’s Rights Sweden
Gerd Falk-Schalk Hospital schools in Sweden Sweden

Newsletter 01/2006

Editors: Michele Capurso, Ludovica Rocca, Marisa Crespina, Paolo Mailander
Articles index
Michele Capurso Children’s view of their hospital Italy
Giacomi E., MassoliC., Di Laurenzi P., Tabarini P., Biondi G. Anestesio: preparing children for surgery Italy
Hope board Goodbye Stephanie and Valerie
Paolo Mailander Comenius 1 Project “A. R. T.” Italy
High Schools “Calvi-Modigliani-Fusinato” Daddy Day: we celebrate daddies of the”HOPE TOWN” Italy
Michele Capurso Training Hospital professionals:A multidisciplinary course for… everybody Italy
Vincenza Benigno, Francesca Puddu, Elisabetta Vallarino HSH@Network, HSH@Teacher Italy
Ludovica Rocca The Documentation Center “A. Carla Cappelli” Italy
Barretstown Staff Bitesize Barretstown Ireland
AssociazionePeter Pan La casa di Peter Italy
Barbara Dal Moro Golf in the ward Italy
Tanja Babnik Olympic Flame illuminates Hospital in Slovenia Slovenia

Newsletter 03/2005

Editors: Paula Hicks, Mary McCarron
Articles index
Paula HicksMary McCarron Editors comment Ireland
Mary O’Connor Comenius project in Ireland Ireland
Paula Hicks Áit Eile – Another Worldsupport and communication for children in hospital in Ireland Ireland
Julie Noble Introducing our Australian colleagues Ireland
Hans Courlander HOPE Knowledge Bank Netherlands
Helene Voisin News from the AteliersWorkshop 2c France
Gilles Ceintrey News from the AteliersWorkshop 3 France
Gerd Falk Schalk Report from the Board Sweden
Paul Cartier May 2006In-service training for Hospital Teachers Germany
Janette Steele HOPE Conference in London – 2006 UK
Elisabeth Cauchon Paris Congress Spring 2007 France

Newsletter 02/2005

Editors: Maria Schmidt, Paul Cartier, Christine Walser
Articles index
Interklinikschule Chronically Ill Children and Adolescents in the Public School System- An Interdisciplinary Research Project – Germany
Christine Walser Exchange Programme: Yerevan – Zurich Switzerland
Monika Weis Comenius : Munich – Groningen – Bratislava – Thessaloniki Germany
Maria Schmidt Comenius: At the hospital school in Ludwigsburg Germany
Werner Häcker Comenius : Pecs (Hungary) – Tuebingen Germany
Verband Sonderpädagogik National organisation – vds Germany
Education as a global challenge – in Germany Germany
Networking :Workshops Planning … exchanging … visiting … experiencing Germany

Newsletter 01/2005

Editor: Christian Leutenant
Articles index
Gerd Falk-Schalk Editorial Sweden
Katarzyna Wiłucka – Haczkowska News from Poland Poland
Olga Lizasoain Hospital Pedagogy starts to come in Mexico, a necessary step Spain
Paolo Mailander,Marisa Crespina Hospital and Home Education: the contribution of the institutions Italy
Christian Lieutenant Subscription fee:To the Committee Members of HOPE For information to all members Belgium
Christian Lieutenant Some news from the board Belgium
L’Ecole des Enfants et Adolescents Hospitalisés de Toulouse Move yourself for a sick child:Pedestrian- relay-race France

Newsletter 04/2004

Editor: Christian Leutenant
Articles index
Gerd (Mrs) Falk-Schalk Letter from the new President Sweden
Maria Schmidt,   Michael Klemm, Christine Walser Report – HOPEEuropean Study Days – Brussels 2004 GermanySwitzerland
Minutes of the Fifth General Assembly of HOPE
Vanja Kiswarday Dear friends! Slovenia

Newsletter 03/2004

Editor: Christian Leutenant
Articles index
Christian Lieutenant Editorial Belgium
Christian Lieutenant 28 – 31 October 2004: Board meetingStudy day of the Belgian association of Hospital Pedagogues: “Ethic et deontology for hospital teachers” Study day of HOPE General Assembly Belgium
Christian Lieutenant Registration form Belgium
Christian Lieutenant General Assembly : please note the new dateSunday October 31rst 2004 Belgium
Hans Courlander Knowledge Bank for Hospital Teachers. Netherlands

Newsletter 02/2004


Newsletter 04/2003

Editors: Christian Leutenant
Articles index
Christian Lieutenant Editorial Belgium
Miroslava Nedeljkovic A Conference Child in Hospital Serbia
Gilles Ceintrey Assessment of the seminar of Manresa (New Technologies) Atelier 3
Helene Voisin The anniversary of a hospital school Germany
Gail Burgess 80th Birthday celebrations of an Hospital School UK
Hans Courlander The New Hospital School Holland
Midori Nomura Education for Pupils in Japanese Hospital Japan





  • ICT developments for chronic ill children in the Netherlands
  • Patients’excursion/camp programme – summer 2003 – DAA Hospital school, Yerevan
  • If you want to be more involved
  • Call for candidates

Newsletter 02/2003 – Editorial

  • Education et nouvelles technologies à l’hôpital: Atelier 3 Manresa (Barcelone) 23-25 octobre 2003
  • Conférence internationale sur l’éducation des enfants malades Belgrade 16-17 octobre 2003
  • News from Spain:”We discover hospital”
  • News from Spain: “National Days of Hospital Pedagogy”

Newsletter 01/2003

  • Editorial
  • European Days – Rome : “From Integration to Inclusion of the Sick Child” (part 2)
  • HOPE Atelier 13
  • HOPE Atelier 14
  • HOPE Atelier 15
  • News from Belgrade
  • News from France

Newsletter 4/2002 – Editorial

  • European Days – Rome : “From Integration to Inclusion of the Sick Child” Report of the workshops (part 1)(30/10/2002 – 1/11/2002)
  • HOPE Atelier 3 : New technologies adapted to (hospital) schools
  • HOPE Atelier 6 : The life threatening experience
  • HOPE Atelier 9 : The experience of neurological, psychological, psychiatric troubles
  • Urgent – Research Partners Needed
  • Letter from the Treasurer
  • Psychopedagogical Intervention in the Disadjustment of Chronically Ill Hospitalised Children

Newsletter 03/2002

  • European Days – Rome 30/10/02 – 01/11/02 “From integration to inclusion of the sick child”
  • General Assembly of HOPE – Rome 1/11/2002
  • Summary of board’s activities since the last European congress in Barcelona, May 2000
  • Project of the European Charter “Towards an inclusive education”
  • Partner needed – URGENT !
  • To our faithful readers

Newsletter 02/2002

  • Up to date information concerning the European Days
  • The NETWORK of ateliers during the European Days in Rome
  • From Integration to Inclusion
  • News from the Committee
  • News from Australia
  • General Assembly – Friday 1st November 2002

Newsletter 01/2002

  • Summary of the Work of the Bureau of HOPE
  • 11th Italian Congress of Hospital Pedagogues and European Days of HOPE
  • Start of Atelier 8 : Experience of coping with a handicap ?
  • News from the Committee
  • On the way to Rome, news from Workshop 3…

Newsletter 04/2001

  • The Network Philosophy
  • Workshop List
  • Notes on the Workshop 6 – Seminar at Sète
  • Atelier 6: Work Outline
  • 50 Years of Hospital School Activity in Ljubljana
  • Third Day on hospital Psychology and the Rights of chronically ill and hospitalized Children to Education
  • Contact person – Switzerland
  • University practical Training in hospital Education
  • Membership Fee 2002

Newsletter 3/2001

  • European Seminar on Hospital Pedagogy Training (Pamplona, Spain, October, 4-6, 2001 The experience of psychiatric, neurological and psychological diseases-report of atelier 9
  • Search for partners
  • Conference – 7th EACH conference organized by HU association
  • Search for experiences
  • European Training Seminar – Teachers in hospital
  • Trilingual 2001/2002 Calendars realised by hopisatilsed adolescents
  • Committee Member

Newsletter 02/2001

  • Editorial
  • The saga of “Hop’ti’mômes” or the story of a successful migration
  • Information for members of atelier 6 “Experience of a threatened life”
  • Training European Seminar in hospital Pedagogy
  • Atelier 9: The Experience of psychiatric, neurological and psychological diseases
  • A beautiful european adventure that ends and starts again !

Newsletter 01/2001

  • Editorial
  • Psychic morpholysis and psychiatric problems
  • News from Slovenia
  • Olympic Games in Hospital
  • Universities are interested in us …
  • News from France: Atelier 11 : The School of Breath
  • More news from france: Atelier 3
  • News from Yugoslavia
  • News from Romania
  • News from Spain
  • Continuing distance training for Hospital teachers

Newsletter 04/2000

  • Happy New year
  • Summary of the Board Meeting of HOPE, Paris, November the 18th and 19th 2000
  • Echoes from the HOPE website
  • Atelier 6: “Life-threatening experience”
  • Atelier 2C: “Dream”
  • News from England
  • News from Australia
  • News from Belgium
  • News from Croatia
  • News from Roumania
  • List of Committee members: corrections

Newsletter 03/2000

  • Editorial
  • Call for “examples of good practice”
  • Comenius Project (action 1) – Call for partners
  • Summary of the main issues discussed at the Barcelona Congress, May 2000
  • News from Australia
  • Publication (in french): Problématique de l’enseignement des élèves malades. Réflexions d’un enseignant en service de pédiatrie
  • Available in German: Pädagogische Hochschule Ludwisburg: research on ” The pupil in hospital”
  • Coming soon (in Spanish): EDUCANDO AL NIÑO ENFERMO
  • News from Chili
  • Charter for the right to schooling of children and adolescents in hospital and at home

Newsletter 02/2000

  • Editorial : message from the President of HOPE
  • Information from the editing committee
  • Thanks
  • List of the Committee Members and Contact Persons
  • Summary of the Minutes of the Committee meeting of HOPE – Barcelona – 17th May 2000
  • Summary of the Minutes of the General Assembly – Barcelona – 19th-20th May 2000
  • Declaration: The participants on the 4th European Congress of Hospital Teachers and Pedagogues, have agreed to make public the following declaration …

Newsletter 01/2000

  • Congrès de Barcelone: mai 2000
  • Thème, objectifs, contenu, modalités pratiques
  • Révision de la charte européenne des enfants hospitalisés
  • Les ateliers: information
  • Lettre de la secrétaire
  • Réponse de Hélène Voisin à Helen Chesterfield
  • Les jeux olympiques à l’hôpital
  • Enseigner les patients atteints de mucoviscidose

First Newsletter November 1988

Letter from Cherida Coleman



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