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English version

Albanian version

Armenian version

Bulgarian version

Croatian version

Czech version

Danish version

Dutch version

Estonian version

Finnish version

French version

Frisian version
(spoken in the North of the Netherlands)

German version

Greek version

Hebrew version

Hungarian version

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Irish version

Italian version

Ladin version
(spoken in North Italy)

Luxembourg version

Macedonian version

Northern Sami version
(spoken in North Scandinavia and Russia)

Norwegian version

Persian version

Polish version

Portuguese version

Romanian version

Russian version

Slovakian version

Slovenian version

South-African version

Spanish version

Swedish version

Turkish version

Vallader [Rhaeto-Romanic] version
(spoken in the East of Switzerland)

We would like to have as many versions as possible of the Charter. Could you help us?
At the moment we need translators for the following countries: Latvia, Lithuania, Malta and Serbia.
Feel free to suggest us of other possible languages.
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