The Hospital Teacher

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Michel KLEUTERS (the Netherlands)
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Objectives   History and Status

It has been a long time that there was any news about this workshop. Times and developments don’t wait for us and are still going on. Also the changings in the roles and functions of the Hospital teachers.

But there are also positive news: Mr. Otto Mourik, MA , director of the Foundation for sick pupils and education , Rotterdam in the Netherlands made a very interesting and useful overview about competences and roles of the Hospital teacher who is working with ( psycho-) somatic children and adolescents. This book can be seen as a handguide for directors and teachers of Hospital schools all over the world: for every country there is enough material in this “Professional Profile for hospital teachers” that can be used in his/her own country.

There are 48 competences in this book divided in 11 tasks of the Hospital Teacher. These 11 tasks are divided in “General professional tasks”, “Supporting tasks” and “Specific supporting tasks”. There are already headteachers of Hospital schools who use this book to show the outside world what Hospital teachers daily are doing, what their responsibilities are, with what and with whom they have to deal within their work.

My proposal is:

1. If you want to receive this book, send me a message with your postaddress and I will send you a hard- copy for free. ( ) As compensation for this free offer I ask you to donate 20,00€ or more if you want to, to HOPE.(you will find the address and bankaccount of our treasurer on HOPE-website)

2. I would like to receive your short opinion, after some time, about what the book can mean for your own situation in your own country.

3. I would like to receive your short opinion on which parts/items of the book could be useful for the Hospital teachers in general in Europe.

4. I would ask you to let me know if you want to join me in this workshop 14 during the HOPE Congress in Munich 2010, so that we can discuss your experiences and the information I received from many of you. I would be very honored and pleased if you would do so.

At last: The book “The Professional Profile for Hospital Teachers” is written in the English language and shows, in words, what Hospital teachers are doing with and behalve of sick children and adolescents and their education. This book is inspiring for the future of Hospital teachers and can be also the start to realize a European Professional Profile for Hospital teachers.

For this last thing I need all your help. Please respond to this appeal to Mr. Michel Kleuters Network manager ZIEZON in the Netherlands and Secretary of the Board of HOPE.


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