Teaching and learning through projects

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Elisabeth CAUCHON (France)

Centre scolaire Hôpital Armand-Trousseau
Av. du Dr A. Netter, 26
F-75571 Paris cedex 12
Tel:++/33/1 44 73 74 75 poste 76.22

Email: asthme.ecole@trs.ap-hop-paris.fr  


To work together on a same project with different hospital teachers from different european countries.

To make our pupils work together beyond cultures and languages on a same topic through a same pedagogical project.

To teach and to learn through a project in a global pedagogy
To exchange our experiences, our works and to try to gather them in a collective realisation.

  History and Status

The workshop started in September 2007 in the ENT ward of A-Trousseau’s hospital in Paris (France) Then by Internet and corresponding with others members, visiting our colleagues in Clinique St Luc in Brussels (Belgium), meeting our colleagues of Tel-Aviv hospital (Israel) during the congress in Tampere, the project spread out and became European and worldwide with our Israeli colleagues.

An exhibition has been realised in Paris town hall in relation with the works done within the project “biodiversity”. It was an exhibition of drawings, paintings and texts from France, Belgium, Slovenia and Israel.

For the official opening on March 31st, our colleagues from Belgium and Le Mans were present.

During these 2 weeks of exhibition the children from the schools came to visit with their teachers.

For more information you can contact us at: desphotosapenser@gmail.com

Elisabeth Cauchon coordinator of workshop 2
Liliane Boyer project engineering


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