Art in hospital

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Elisabeth Cauchon
Centre scolaire Hôpital Armand-Trousseau
Paris – France



• To break the isolation of the hospitalized child by producing art

• To be opened to other cultures and other artistic art form

• To produce works of art and let them travel through temporary exhibitions which will go in the European hospitals

  History and Status

The workshop “Art in hospital” was coordinated by Elisabeth Cauchon (France)
He gathered 24 teachers from 8 countries and 16 different hospitals.
A meeting of the members was led during the European Days of Paris in 1998 to work together and exhibit the works of art.
A Comenius project on “Art in hospital” has been realized in 3 different countries: Belgium, Spain and France, the objective was to realize works art on common theme, they have been shown in an exhibition which has “travelled” in the 3 countries.

Meetings :

Montignies /Sambre, Belgium – March 1998 – Exhibition
Manresa, Spain – Comenius project “Art in hospital” – April 1998 – Exhibition
Paris, France – January 1998
Paris, France – European Days – October 1998 – Working meeting and exhibition
Barcelone, Spain – Congress – May 2000 – Exhibition


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