The experience of threatened life

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Elvire Grimal



To define the background in which teaching to children with a threatened life is done

To note how emotions and professionalism interfere

To make a list of “good practices”

  History and Status

This workshop has been proposed in 1998 but has really started to work during the Barcelona’s congress in May 2000. A lot of teachers who were in majority working in oncology or haematology have shown their interest to think about the difficulties in common that they encounter.
The workshop coordinator has been designated during this meeting: Elvire Grimal.


– Barcelona, May 2000
– Seminar in Sète (France) November 2001
– Paris, May 2002
– Rome, November 2002

Documents related for this workshop:

Sète 2001: an article in the Newsletter Summary of our works
Rome 2002: summary of our works


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