Well at School

Exploring ways to improve communications between Hospital Schools and Home Schools.

Active • language English

Maria Marinho – Educational Consultant

Martin Dixon – Web Developer and Hospital School Music Teacher



A working group of Hospital School Teachers and Staff aiming to:

• Improve the communication of information between Hospital Schools and Home Schools, so that children and young people with medical and mental health conditions have a positive experience of education.

• Helping Home Schools meet their obligations to support children and young people living with medical and mental health conditions.

  History and Status

‘Well at School’ began as a website wellatschool.org which was developed in 2011 by teachers from Chelsea Community Hospital School in London.

The website has two main aims:

1. To help people working in schools improve their knowledge and understanding of the needs of children living with medical and mental health conditions.
2. To improve communication between a student’s home school and hospital schools.

In 2018 the website was presented at the HOPE Congress in Poznan, Poland, where workshop delegates discussed the challenges of effective communication between home schools and hospital schools.

We decided that a group of teachers from different counties would work together to develop practical solutions to the challenges identified in Poznan.
These solutions might be an online resource like www.wellatschool.org but could equally take other forms.

If you are interested in the Well at School workshop please complete this short questionnaire: http://www.smartsurvey.co.uk/s/VLONM/


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