Research on Education of children with a medical condition

Active • language English

Michele Capurso, Researcher, University of Perugia;
Ria Bakker, Principal Educational Service UMCG, Universitair Medisch Centrum Groningen



To promote and coordinate research projects in the field of education of children with a medical condition;

To scientifically document the work of hospital teachers and related fields in Europe;

  History and Status

The workshop started with a meeting at the Amsterdam conference (2012), where a dozen of hospital teachers and researchers shared ideas and proposal for a coordinated European Research in this field.

The meeting’s slides are available in the download section.

In 2014 the workshop has been working within the LeHo Project to contribute with the HOPE knowledge to various phases and product of the workshop.

In 2016 the workshop has been charged by the LeHo project coordinators to continue and extend the development of the Quality of Student Experience Scale for Home and Hospital Education.



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First official presentation of the workshop held at the conference in Amsterdam in 2012