This is the list with all candidates for the Board:

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  1. Mrs. Mona Meister (from Germany)
  2. Mrs. Nataliya Kurikalova (from Russia) CANCELLED
  3. Mrs. Marianthi Papadimitriou (from Greece)
  4. Mrs. Maskit Gilan Shochat (from Israel)
  5. Mrs. Fotinica Gliga (from Romania) WITHDRAWN
  6. Mr. Martin Dixon (from United Kingdom)

This is the list with the candidate for Ambassador of HOPE:

Reopening of the application procedure for HOPE

How to apply for Board member of HOPE or Ambassador of HOPE

The Candidate for Ambassador of HOPE

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4 thoughts on “New Board Candidates 2022

  1. Dear Michele,
    I would like to answer your question about the HOPE statement as follows:
    There is no doubt that the war in Ukraine should be condemned. The first two paragraphs of the statement are therefore also unproblematic for me, I agree with Martin.
    However, I think that the board of HOPE should not publish statements on the homepage alone. There should have been a discussion, at least within the CMs. In Germany, we would also have included our members in this discussion.

    The second point, to stop contacts with all Russian organizations, would also have been an important point of discussion for me – even if I have no major objections to it in terms of content. Individual members would still have been welcome. However, a general discussion on this would have made sense for a democratic organization like HOPE.
    A statement would also have more weight if it had been adopted by a majority within HOPE.
    Then it would be possible to write on the homepage that the members of HOPE stand behind the statement and not “only” the board.

    In addition, I would like to make a comment on how to deal with Nataliya’s application:

    Again, I think it’s not the board’s job to cancel her candidacy. The members of the GA could have decided for themselves whether to express their confidence in it. Before the election, there could also have been a discussion, which is unfortunately not made possible by the choice of technology (Zoom Webinar) again this year. In my opinion, democracy works differently.

    Apart from that I see another (big) problem that has nothing to do with war.
    Nataliya emphasized in her email to Jan that she represents a large institution with 5000 employees.
    On the current homepage I have found information about the number of members of the individual countries for 2021.
    I was also able to determine that there were no individual members in Russia in 2021 in addition to one institutional member.

    According to HOPE’s statutes – (Article 7.1) – only individual members can run for the Board. If Nataliya does not have an individual membership, she should not have been nominated as a candidate in 2020 or she would have asked to become an individual member. That would have had to be examined by the election committee even then.
    It would have been the task of the election committee to clarify this point as early as 2020 and again in 2022.

    Overall, I don’t think it’s right for the Board to take decisions on its own without at least involving the CMs.

    Best regards
    Mona Meister

    Article 7
    – Executive Board
    – 7.1. The Board is the executive body of the association. It consists of a minimum of 3 individual members and a maximum of 10, …..

  2. Life throws up more and more difficult challenges for us. The war in Ukraine is one of them. The suffering, pain and tragedies it brings with it make it necessary to oppose it as much as we can. I therefore fully agree with the HOPE statement.

    I am ready to cooperate with anyone who is against this cruel war and support all actions in order to help people, especially children, who are directly touched by this war.

    Best regards

  3. Dear Michele, thank you for your question, which is so pertinent at this time. Reading the HOPE statement I can find no reason to disagree with the first paragraph outlining the rights of children.
    I imagine the more contentious part might be around the cutting of ties with Russian organisations. Personally, I think this is the right thing to do. As is stated, the door is still open to supporting individuals aligned with HOPE’s charter. It is important for HOPE to have a position, clearly stated and arrived at through open discussion. I am sure that when this war is over HOPE will have further discussions on re-establishing connections with these institutions. But, in the meantime, I fully support the HOPE statement on Ukraine.

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