My way – a personal introduction from the committee member for Croatia

I am Bruno Kuba, born in 1967 and educated in Zagreb, Croatia.

From 1994-98 I volunteered at the central archive at the Ministry of Defence in the Republic of Croatia. Then in 1996 I graduated in “Islam in Medieval Europe” at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Philosophy, Department of History.
I have been working at my school since 2002 as a hospital teacher, teaching history and physics, and I am still working there. Also from 2007 to 2010 I worked as a history teacher in a Jewish school in Zagreb.

Since working as a hospital teacher we have had constant training – seminars, conferences, etc. I love working with children, and have ‘found myself’ as a hospital teacher.  I am always looking for something new, e.g. comparative mythology, that is useful in teaching from a new point of view.

As a new member of the HOPE Committee I would first like to learn from other members to get a better idea what we can do together in HOPE, but an idea which came to my mind is cooperation between us as individuals and representatives of our countries, even when there are no seminars and congresses. I have seen many non-European countries as members, and I am happy because of that as HOPE needs to have a fruitful cooperation between all of us.

Best regards,
Bruno Kuba










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