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Welcome to HOPE, the official website of the Hospital Organisation of Pedagogues in Europe

HOPE is an association of European hospital teachers who work in Hospital
and at home with children with special health care needs.

Through school and education activities we try to provide every learner with a positive environment
and with the chance to carry on their education, no matter what the illness is.

You can find out about our organisation in “Who We Are“,
check what we have achieved (achieved works) in the “What We Have Done” section or
view existing projects in the “Current Information” section.

To contact us or to join the HOPE association view the “Contact Us” menu.

In our work as hospital teachers we follow the principles of our HOPE charter.

Thank you for your interest in HOPE

Official HOPE Academic Society Journal

The Effects of Hospital-Based School Lessons on Children’s Emotions, Distress and Pain

On July 14, 2024Source: Continuity in EducationBy Enrica Ciucci

Lessons conducted in hospitals ensure school continuity for hospitalized children unable to attend regular school. Hospital-based school (HS) provides a tailored experience that ensures normality forRead more

Achieving a Brighter Future: A Career-Focused Mentoring Program Designed for Adolescents and Young Adults with Cancer

On June 16, 2024Source: Continuity in EducationBy Sidney Kushner

Despite high survival rates for many adolescent or young adult (AYA) cancer diagnoses, the psychosocial, academic, and vocational repercussions for survivors are profound and enduring. Hospital systemRead more

Qualitative Study Examining Attendance for Secondary School Pupils With Long-Term Physical Health Conditions

On May 14, 2024Source: Continuity in EducationBy Vicky Hopwood

For some children and young people (CYP) with long-term physical health conditions (LTPHCs) attending school can be difficult. There is a lack of evidence documenting their school attendance experiencRead more

Psychological and Pedagogical Support for Parents of Children with Special Educational Needs

On April 15, 2024Source: Continuity in EducationBy Zauresh Issabayeva

This study primarily aimed to develop a program that aids parents of children with Special Educational Needs (SEN), placing emphasis on the challenges encountered in communication and understanding. TRead more

The Professional Development Needs of Hospital Teachers in Ireland: An Exploratory Case Study

On April 14, 2024Source: Continuity in EducationBy Fergal McNamara

In Ireland, hospital schools comprise a very small component of the overall primary and post-primary education system. Indeed, there are only seven hospital schools employing a total of 21 teachers naRead more

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