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Welcome to HOPE, the official website of the Hospital Organisation of Pedagogues in Europe

HOPE is an association of European hospital teachers who work in Hospital
and at home with children with special health care needs.

Through school and education activities we try to provide every learner with a positive environment
and with the chance to carry on their education, no matter what the illness is.

You can find out about our organisation in “Who We Are“,
check what we have achieved (achieved works) in the “What We Have Done” section or
view existing projects in the “Current Information” section.

To contact us or to join the HOPE association view the “Contact Us” menu.

In our work as hospital teachers we follow the principles of our HOPE charter.

Thank you for your interest in HOPE

Official HOPE Academic Society Journal

An Exploratory Study of Educators’ Perspectives Towards Hospital School Program Support for Children with Special Health Care Needs After Hospitalization

On March 15, 2024Source: Continuity in EducationBy Heather E. Ormiston

More than 14 million children in the United States are identified as children with special healthcare needs (CSHCN). Rates of hospitalization for CSHCN with chronic conditions as well as re-admissionsRead more

Knowledge Helps: Handling Rare Diseases in Regular Schools

On February 15, 2024Source: Continuity in EducationBy Nicola Sommer

Thanks to medical successes and new treatment options, children and adolescents with rare diseases can now attend school more often playing an important role in their recovery as well as improving theRead more

Tailored Psychoeducational Home Interventions for Children with a Chronic Illness: Families’ Experiences

On January 5, 2024Source: Continuity in EducationBy Michele Capurso

The quality of life for a child with a chronic illness depends on various factors, including the illness’s severity, medical treatments, psychosocial and educational support, resource availabiliRead more

Back to School: Parental Concerns of Children with Hematological and Oncological Conditions During the COVID-19 Pandemic

On October 1, 2023Source: Continuity in EducationBy Katie DiCola

The Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has significantly affected the educational system. Historically, children with hematological and oncological conditions have experienced academic challRead more

Back to School after Corona Virus Disease of 2019: New Relationships, Distance Schooling, and Experienced Routine

On September 14, 2023Source: Continuity in EducationBy Maria Gabriella Pediconi

The Corona Virus Disease of 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has upset the students’ daily routine, forcing them at first into a sudden transition to distance learning and then to a return to school modRead more

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